Bo vase by Santiago Bautista


Product: Bo, flower vase
Designer: Santiago Bautista
Company: Bau Design, Denmark
Material: Handcrafted porcelain
Package dimensions: 22cm x 14cm x 8cm 


Bo is a handcrafted porcelain vase that combines the simplicity of Danish design and the precision of Spanish craftsmanship. The idea behind Bo is to introduce some playfulness in the realm of vases which is often a world of abstract and lifeless looking objects. The incomplete design of this animal-shaped vase invites the user to decide its final character by choosing from the wide variety of plants and flowers available in nature.
The intention behind this product is to create a vase where the flower is not an alien object that is added to the design but is in fact an essential part of the design itself. The flower becomes the head of this four legged creature and defines its ever changing personality. 


Despite the simplicity of the final outcome and the artisanal production of the piece, Bo is the result of a digital design process which involved the use of organic modeling software and 3d printing. This technology was an essential tool not only for prototyping, but also for generating the master model that guided the production. From the very beginning of the process a strong dialogue was established between the designer and the manufacturing artisans, and the model was modified several times to adapt to the physical constraints of the fabrication process.


Born in 1988 in Spain, Santiago Bautista is an architect, designer, and entrepreneur currently living in Copenhagen. Santiago studied architecture in Madrid and Chicago, which allowed him to develop an international profile. Santiago moved to Copenhagen in 2012 inspired by the Danish architecture and design environmentIn April 2016 he started his own product design company, Bau Design, which aims to produce beautiful and durable objects under fair labor conditions.


Bau Design is a Danish Design studio established in 2016 by Spanish architect Santiago Bautista. Bau Design appears in a climate of extreme consumerism where big brands are inviting costumers to buy new products every season. As a result, the quality of the products is dropping significantly to make them cheaper and less durable, promoting the idea of disposable products. Our goal is to design, produce and sell beautiful and durable products manufactured under fair labor conditions and market them at a price which aligns with the value of the object. We control the whole process, from concept sketches to packaging. This is the only way to ensure that our products deliver our identity and values.




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